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Where can I rent an Ebike?

You can test, rent it and find other equipment at the official rental points where you can rent and pick up immediately your ebike (as available) at the best price. You can book your ebike in advance if you want to be sure to find them!


In Giudicarie valleys:

Terme di Comano e San Lorenzo in Banale:

Madonna di Campiglio, Val Rendena:

Giudicarie Centrali:

Val del Chiese:

Nella Valle dei Laghi:

Valle dei Laghi, Trento, Monte Bondone

  • Hotel Lillà / Lido di Terlago +39 0461 868027 - info@hotellilla.com
  • Lunelli Specialità Alimentari / Sarche +39 0461 564166 - shop@lunelli.it
  • Bar Stella Alpina / Brusino +39 320 0254249


As well as rental point they offer support and information on all itineraries that you can ride by ebike from Dolomiti to Garda Lake. They are also a charching point if you need it.

Map services


Prices and conditions:

The price can change based on duration (half or all day), for residents and guests with tourist cards.





till 2 hours 1 DAY
1/2 DAY 1 DAY 1/2 DAY 1 DAY 1/2 DAY


€ 15 € 30 € 25 € 25 € 20 € 25 € 20

Full / fat

€ 20 € 35 € 30 € 30 € 25 € 30 € 25

CHILD TRAILER and PETS trailer *

€ 15 € 15 €10 € 10 € 8 € 10 € 8

Kids Trail-gator tow-bar
kids *

€ 10 € 10 € 8 € 8 € 5 € 8 € 5


  • The price includes obligatory helm and lock
  • * Only combined with an ebike, child is two seats trailer, max 9-10 years old - pets trailor for medium size pets

EVVAI  |  ebike your life

Add a eBike to your holiday

Evvai is the new service which allows you to rent an eBike during your stay in Trentino, in all the Giudicarie valleys (Terme di Comano and San Lorenzo in Banale, Madonna di Campiglio, Val Rendena, Giudicarie Centrali, Val del Chiese) and in the Valle dei Laghi. 


WHAT: ebike rental, mountain or city ebikes, two seats trailer for your children and even a trail gator-tow bar if your child is already grown up!

WHERE: you can test and rent it in the many RENTAL POINT and FRIEND POINT scattered around the area.

HOW LONG CAN I KEEP IT FOR?: Minimun half day rental...you will fall in love with it!

WHAT WILL I NEED?: The desire to explore and enjoy yourself: a valid document which will be kept, a credit card (not a prepaid one) as a garantee! A map, helmet and lock will be given to you as well as explanations on how to use the bike.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? See the prices: if you have a guest card (Trentino Guest Card Comano ValleSalus, Dolomeet Card and so on) the price is discounted! If you are a resident (Giudicarie Valleys) the price is discounted the same as if you have a card.


Terme di Comano e San Lorenzo in Banale

Madonna di Campiglio, Val Rendena

Giudicarie Centrali

Val del Chiese

Valle dei Laghi 

NO MORE LIMITS! Now you can reach easly the top of the mountain!

An ECO-FRIENDLY service for those who love nature and easy lifestyle !

The unique aim of EVVAI ebike your life is to give you fun using the new ebike.

Ebike test events

Evvai bike test - for free!

Come to the organized events which take place during the valley's sporting events. You will be able to test the two models together with a bike guide. The test is free and lasts max 30 minutes.

Here you can find all the updated Evvai ebike tests.

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Via C. Battisti, 74 - 38077 Comano Terme (TN)

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